Sneak peek: Auction items 2017 (Happy Hostess!)

We can’t wait for our 2017 Fashion Show & Silent Auction on May 20… here’s a sneak peak of some of the wonderful items our committee has gathered. To buy tickets, please call the center: 615-865-5164. 

Happy Hostess Sneak Peak

Great wine, beautiful decor, a margarita set – everything you need to host a lovely dinner with loved ones this summer!

happy hostess.jpg

Bidding starts at 11:15 on May 20 – get your tickets today! Call 615-865-5164.  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Adventure and Attractions, Golfer’s Delight, Health and Wellness, Jewelry, Clothing, Spa certificates and more!

fashion show save the date



“We owe it all to King’s Daughters”: A mother’s perspective

Inevitably, the precious faces and souls we love leave our arms and head to Kindergarten and beyond. We were delighted to hear from a mother from one of our past children, Danny Harp, and asked her what she remembers and appreciated about King’s Daughters. Here’s what Amy told us, edited slightly for length and clarity. We’re thrilled to hear her perspective and the impact she believes King’s Daughters had on Danny’s life.

IMG_3436From Amy: My son, Danny Harp, went to King’s Daughters around 2000. He started shortly after he turned 2 and stayed there until he went to Kindergarten.

I was kind of leery at first about sending him. He didn’t need to go. I worked the day shift during the week days and his dad worked weekends, so his dad was able to be home with him. But his cousins had been there about four years before Danny started and they loved it. And, I thought, he’s an only child and he needs other children around him. He needs that kind of environment we can’t give him.

IMG_3435Me and his dad were both high school drop outs – but his dad got his GED in ’98 and I got mine in 2010. But we weren’t able to give him all the stuff he needed to know. We needed help and we felt like he needed to be with other children. We started him at a different childcare provider but were not happy with his care. It was just like they were babysitting him and we were paying a lot for it.

With King’s Daughters, they go by income, so for us, that was $60/week. So we said, let’s just see.

IMG_3434It was the best decision. He was so above where he needed to be in Kindergarten and we owe it all to King’s Daughters. I mean, we did our part, but it was incredible. His teachers, in every class as he moved up in age, were amazing. He I’m still friends with one of his teachers on facebook.

I would volunteer in the classroom sometimes and what we saw when we were there was exactly the same when we left. Their programs were amazing – Easter, Christmas – I remember Lowe’s bringing the kids $5 gift cards. It meant so much, those little things that were over and above what we expected.

IMG_3432Danny learned so much there. Sharing toys with other children, just so much. He took it all in. He ended up being so beyond prepared for Kindergarten, but he wasn’t that way when he first got there. He did not want to be there, but they worked with him. I remember him taking a picture of me and his daddy to put on his cubby to help while we were gone.

Interacting with the high school students from Good Pasture – one of Danny’s favorite memories!


I remember some highschool students from Good Pasture came to the pre-K class he was in to play with the kids and Danny really like the older students. They were so good with kids, especially the way they interacted with them. One time they made t-shirts with painted handprints and then went for a field trip to somewhere like the community center – they were doing stuff all the time like, providing great experiences for the kids. Danny says one thing remembers as his favorite times is going to the Old Hickory branch library and having puppet time.

Danny is in his first year of college now – he’s studying Public Relations and Strategic  Communications but might switch to Urban Development.  He’s always been above, he never went back – and I think it all started right there at King’s Daughters.

from diapers

Fashion Show & Silent Auction 2017: Behind the Scenes

We’re thrilled to present our 17th annual Fashion Show and Silent Auction on May 20! Our volunteer committee, co-lead by Jenny Hall with the Adoption Law Center of Mid Tennessee and Rebecca Ramsey of Ramsey Realty, has been hard at work securing an awesome emcee, charming models, fabulous silent auction items, and a very special honorary chairwoman!

dillards large logo with sayingThanks to Dillard’s, all of our models (local volunteers including a few children and parents from our center!) will walk the runway clad in the latest styles. Over the next few weeks, each model will get to have a fitting session at the Dillard’s of Rivergate to select looks for the show.  Dillard’s professionals will create ensembles from a variety of designers that will accentuate each model’s natural beauty and personal flair!

img_0371Pictured to the left, volunteers discuss the event details. From L to R: Jenny Hall, Adoption Law Center of Middle Tennessee (event co-chair); Stacy Dale (Dillard’s); Rebecca Ramsay, Ramsay Realty (event co-chair); and Dr. Denise Pridemore,  Metro Nashville Public Schools (King’s Daughters Chairperson). Committee members not pictured: Carole Belles, Amy Campbell, Norma Shirk,  Barbara Brandon, Debbie Ellis, Katie Ellis, Tammy Daniels, Millie Grammer, Candyee Goode

If your business is interested in contributing a silent auction item or sponsoring the event, please contact Ms. Millie Grammer at the center: or 615-865-5164.

fashion show 2015
Annual Fashion Show memories – 2015

Fashion Show 2017: Save the Date!

fashion show save the date

Please save the date: Saturday, May 20th

The 2017 King’s Daughters Fashion Show and Silent Auction: Garden Party at the Old Hickory Country Club.

If you have an item or service that could be donated for our silent auction please contact Development Assistant, Ms. Millie Grammer, at the center: 615-865-5164 or

We can’t wait to see you at this lovely annual event organized by a team of wonderful volunteers!

Read Read Read!

At King’s Daughters, we know that establishing a strong foundation of love for reading and books is essential to our children’s success in school and life beyond the center. We plant books in every nook and cranny that we can to help children make the connection between text and play (and real life).

‘Things that go’ books by a basket of vehicles and play carpet in our Toddler Room!

We stock our libraries with board books and picture books in the classroom and maintain lending libraries for our families and staff to enjoy – including several titles in Spanish!

Many of our books (and shelving!) were purchased through grant monies from the United Way and their program, Read to Succeed, and from other local foundations like the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund. We’re so grateful for their dedication to children’s literacy – as well as to the many, many individuals who bring books for our children on a regular basis!

Check out some of the awesome ways we set up books for our children to discover!
photo 2 (5)

Baby room!
Toddler room!

IMG_0093 (1)IMG_0091 (1)

Sharing favorite books with Grandpa at pick up!
The Ben Middleton Library at the Louise Odom Children’s Center (our new building for infants and toddlers!)

We are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to expand our program to serve more families with toddlers in our community!  You can make donations during the tournament at or watch our progress at!


Special Glimpse: The Toddler Room

Building blocks with Ms. Melinda!

We’ve been overjoyed to welcome toddlers along with our infants this year at King’s Daughters. Families have loved the program as well – so much so that our wait list has stayed full since we opened!

Our toddler program is all about discovery – investigating the world and interacting with others. We follow our children’s lead and interests while helping make sure they meet developmentally appropriate physical, social/emotional, cognitive, language, and milestones.

When scrolling through the pictures, it’s no surprise that our toddlers love their classroom, and their teachers (Ms. Melinda and Ms. Lynn), and their incredible outdoor space!

Childsize, wooden furniture is inviting and warm.
Baby dolls!
Taking baby for a walk.
sneak peek toddler april 2016
A space just my size, just for me!


Outdoor exploration and play is essential!

We are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room to serve more families with toddlers in our community!  You can make donations during the tournament at or!

Parents’ Perspective: “King’s Daughters is an extension of our family”

img_0623Maeve | Age: 21 months | Parents: Mary and  Jose

Mary: Maeve started in April 2016 when she was 11 months old. I tell everyone about King’s Daughters. What I like the most is the teachers and staff. They made it very clear from the beginning that their job was to love my baby… and I think it is very telling that within a few weeks Maeve didn’t want to leave when I would come to get her. She still gets very excited whenever she sees Ms. Jonda [a teacher in the infant room].

Jose:  We do love King’s Daughters. The people are very kind. They have a wonderful way of teaching them and they really seem to have a lot of interest in kids and a kid-like quality. All of the people are wonderful. We feel comfortable and Maeve loves the affection she gets there.

Mary: We had enrolled Maeve in another program that was closer to our home but from the very beginning it felt very much like a business transaction.  I wasn’t comfortable with it and we decided that it wasn’t going to work… and then a friend of a friend mentioned King’s Daughters. My husband and I looked at it online and were drawn to the educational philosophy for the older kids. I have a background in Montessori, so I love the engagement and learning environment King’s Daughters provides.

Jose: The security they’ve incorporated is really great. Security is quite important to me because, as parents, we can’t be there to protect our babies. They lock the doors and not everyone can just walk in. I’m so happy that there is a check point where they ask questions to see who is coming in. It’s peace of mind to me that I know where my daughter is safe and secure.  From the father’s perspective, from the parents’ perspective, you want your daughters and sons to safe as possible when you can’t be there.

Mary: Maeve really loves to play outside and the kitchen area in the toddler room. I think her favorite thing, however, is getting to play with the slide and toys in the lobby when I bring her in the morning and before we go home. It’s really special one-on-one time she gets with the toys and I love to see her find such joy in the space.

I really love the library. We’re raising Maeve bilingually (Spanish and English), so I love that there are constantly new books in the library in both languages that we can borrow to take home.

Jose: It’s great. It’s not as expensive as many other places. Not long ago I lost my job and we reached out to them. They were so accommodating with what we currently make.

Mary: The thing that really stands out to me, though, is the people and how they truly care for not just the children, but also the families. One morning I was having a hard time leaving Maeve and dealing with a few personal matters. I didn’t say anything to anyone there. Later that morning, Ms. Lee (the infant and toddler program director) called me to check on me. It was so thoughtful. She was the only person who asked me if I was ok that day. I still get misty eyed thinking about it. At this point, I can’t imagine having not introduced Maeve to these women who are now a wonderful extension of our family.

We are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room to serve more families like Maeve’s! Check out our Stats Sheet here and get ready to help us make it to the final round! You can make donations during the tournament at or!

Infant/Toddler Adventure and Power Playspace provided by the Predators Foundation

Pictured from L to R: Gnash, Kristen Laviolette (Predators Foundation Board Member and Wife of Head Coach Peter Laviolette), Rhonda Trumbo (KDCDC Instructional Coach) and Sean Henry (President of the Nashville Predators Foundation and President & CEO Nashville Predators)

In May 2016 we were honored to receive funds from the Nashville Predators Foundation to create an outdoor learning space for our infant and toddler programs. The gift of our Adventure and Power Playspace for our infants and toddlers has allowed us to extend developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to the outdoors. The space encourages children’s innate sense of curiosity, exploration, and adventure as they experience the world and test their bodies’ own powers as they grow.


We consider outdoor time essential to our success everyday. Many of our children as dropped off before the sun rises and picked up after a long day of work and after the sun has set. We make sure that our children have the opportunity every day to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, experience cool weather and jump in puddles.


The grant monies were used to build a gazebo and planting shed, lay a 16 yard concrete track, and purchase  large group stroller, tables and benches, mulch and plants, tiny trikes and shade umbrellas.

We are so grateful to the Nashville Predators Foundation for their commitment to providing amazing outdoor places to explore and play for our youngest children!

This amazing Adventure and Power Playspace is used by our infants and toddlers. Starting Feb 24, we are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room! Check out our Stats Sheet here and get ready to help us make it to the final round! You can make donations during the tournament at or!

We need your help! Brackets for Good starts Feb 24

Nashville has a new fundraising tournament in town… and we’re competing in it! Brackets for Good starts on Feb 24 and it’s set up like the college basketball tournaments. For the first round, we’re up against another local non-profit organization. We have to raise more money than them by 8:00p on Friday, Mar 3 to move on to the next round!


From Brackets for Good: The tournament begins with 64 charities, each paired in a competitive match-up against an opponent. Charities advance through the rounds by rallying enthusiastic donors to scoring more points than their opponent. Every $1 donated through equals 1 point scored for the chosen charity. At the end of each round, the nonprofit with the most points in the individual match-up advances to the next round, the points are reset, and the fundraising continues until a champion is crowned.

At King’s Daughters, we’re busy putting together our donation page ‘Stats Sheet’ on the official tournament site (link below). All funds raised through this tournament will go to outfitting our new Toddler Room.  As you know, we opened an infant room and a toddler room in May. The response has been incredible – families in our community really need high quality, affordable childcare for their little ones! Because our toddler waiting list has been full since we opened the new program, we decided to convert the community room in the Louise Odom Children’s Center into a second toddler room – so we are doubling the number of families we can serve from 8 to 16!

We really need to raise at least $8,000 during this fundraiser – these monies raised will replenish the money we are beginning to outlay as we order supplies to get our new toddler room ready to open.

Here’s a link to How to Donate questions through the website. We found out last week that we CAN ACCEPT checks during this fundraiser!  This is excellent news!  If you know of a business or individual that would like to help in this way but can not use a credit card to make an online donation – please let them know we now can accept this form of payment – we will get you the details of how this works.
If you follow this link you can see the brackets and which organization we are paired against in the first round. We will need all hands on deck to get us past this first round!  WE WANT TO GET PAST THE FIRST ROUND!  This will be social media driven so we will depend upon you to spread the word via facebook, twitter, and email!
As always, thank you for your support. More to come – but start the pregame warm up now!