Sneak peek: Auction items 2017 (Adventure!)

We can’t wait for our 2017 Fashion Show & Silent Auction on May 20… here’s a sneak peak of some of the wonderful items our committee has gathered. To buy tickets, please call the center: 615-865-5164. 

Adventure Items Sneak Peak

Great for family fun, for gifts, or for those who love to explore all of Nashville and Tennessee’s exciting attractions!

family fun auction items

And, if you’re looking to take the kids or grandchildren to Disney… we’ve got four Fast Passes (valued at $620)!


Bidding starts at 11:15 on May 20 – get your tickets today! Call 615-865-5164.  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of fantastic hostess supplies, Golfer’s Delight, Health and Wellness, Jewelry, Clothing, Spa certificates and more!

fashion show save the date



Parents’ Perspective: “King’s Daughters is an extension of our family”

img_0623Maeve | Age: 21 months | Parents: Mary and  Jose

Mary: Maeve started in April 2016 when she was 11 months old. I tell everyone about King’s Daughters. What I like the most is the teachers and staff. They made it very clear from the beginning that their job was to love my baby… and I think it is very telling that within a few weeks Maeve didn’t want to leave when I would come to get her. She still gets very excited whenever she sees Ms. Jonda [a teacher in the infant room].

Jose:  We do love King’s Daughters. The people are very kind. They have a wonderful way of teaching them and they really seem to have a lot of interest in kids and a kid-like quality. All of the people are wonderful. We feel comfortable and Maeve loves the affection she gets there.

Mary: We had enrolled Maeve in another program that was closer to our home but from the very beginning it felt very much like a business transaction.  I wasn’t comfortable with it and we decided that it wasn’t going to work… and then a friend of a friend mentioned King’s Daughters. My husband and I looked at it online and were drawn to the educational philosophy for the older kids. I have a background in Montessori, so I love the engagement and learning environment King’s Daughters provides.

Jose: The security they’ve incorporated is really great. Security is quite important to me because, as parents, we can’t be there to protect our babies. They lock the doors and not everyone can just walk in. I’m so happy that there is a check point where they ask questions to see who is coming in. It’s peace of mind to me that I know where my daughter is safe and secure.  From the father’s perspective, from the parents’ perspective, you want your daughters and sons to safe as possible when you can’t be there.

Mary: Maeve really loves to play outside and the kitchen area in the toddler room. I think her favorite thing, however, is getting to play with the slide and toys in the lobby when I bring her in the morning and before we go home. It’s really special one-on-one time she gets with the toys and I love to see her find such joy in the space.

I really love the library. We’re raising Maeve bilingually (Spanish and English), so I love that there are constantly new books in the library in both languages that we can borrow to take home.

Jose: It’s great. It’s not as expensive as many other places. Not long ago I lost my job and we reached out to them. They were so accommodating with what we currently make.

Mary: The thing that really stands out to me, though, is the people and how they truly care for not just the children, but also the families. One morning I was having a hard time leaving Maeve and dealing with a few personal matters. I didn’t say anything to anyone there. Later that morning, Ms. Lee (the infant and toddler program director) called me to check on me. It was so thoughtful. She was the only person who asked me if I was ok that day. I still get misty eyed thinking about it. At this point, I can’t imagine having not introduced Maeve to these women who are now a wonderful extension of our family.

We are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room to serve more families like Maeve’s! Check out our Stats Sheet here and get ready to help us make it to the final round! You can make donations during the tournament at or!

Infant/Toddler Adventure and Power Playspace provided by the Predators Foundation

Pictured from L to R: Gnash, Kristen Laviolette (Predators Foundation Board Member and Wife of Head Coach Peter Laviolette), Rhonda Trumbo (KDCDC Instructional Coach) and Sean Henry (President of the Nashville Predators Foundation and President & CEO Nashville Predators)

In May 2016 we were honored to receive funds from the Nashville Predators Foundation to create an outdoor learning space for our infant and toddler programs. The gift of our Adventure and Power Playspace for our infants and toddlers has allowed us to extend developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to the outdoors. The space encourages children’s innate sense of curiosity, exploration, and adventure as they experience the world and test their bodies’ own powers as they grow.


We consider outdoor time essential to our success everyday. Many of our children as dropped off before the sun rises and picked up after a long day of work and after the sun has set. We make sure that our children have the opportunity every day to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, experience cool weather and jump in puddles.


The grant monies were used to build a gazebo and planting shed, lay a 16 yard concrete track, and purchase  large group stroller, tables and benches, mulch and plants, tiny trikes and shade umbrellas.

We are so grateful to the Nashville Predators Foundation for their commitment to providing amazing outdoor places to explore and play for our youngest children!

This amazing Adventure and Power Playspace is used by our infants and toddlers. Starting Feb 24, we are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room! Check out our Stats Sheet here and get ready to help us make it to the final round! You can make donations during the tournament at or!

Take a breath, get what you need: our Parent Rooms

We love every child who walks through our doors, and we love the people who bring them to us. We have two Parent Rooms at King’s Daughters – spaces where families can get a cup of coffee on their way to work or catch a breath after a long day and commute before picking up their child.

img_0366We keep the rooms stocked with complimentary K-cups for our coffee maker, ice water, and sometimes goodies our chef, Ms. Bianca, bakes on site.

img_0363Every week, we’re so grateful to Miller’s Florist on Old Hickory Blvd, as they deliver fresh arrangements and often snacks for our families to enjoy or grab for the ride home.

millers-floristWe also provide a space for donations of material goods like clothing, home decor, toys, canned goods, etc. Families are welcome to look through the items and take home whatever they need.

img_0367The rooms also hold information for families such as Safe Sleep tips, crisis hotlines, and other resources.

img_0361They are warm, welcoming places, and we’re so glad to be able to offer the spaces to our parents. We’re always accepting donations if you feel moved to support our families!




Meet Our Team: Ms. Rho

rho-headshotRhonda Neal Trumbo has been the United Way Instructional Coach* at King’s Daughters for five years has over 25 years of experience in various roles affiliated with education, early childhood education, literacy and program development. 

Tell us about your family.  I have seven adult children: three of my own and my husband’s four. We have three grandchildren and lots of grand-pups. When I’m not at the center, I love to enjoy music, the arts, theater, cooking, reading, and especially spending time with friends and family.

Describe what you do at the center.  As the Instructional Coach at King’s Daughters, I plan events like workshops. In the workshops pictured below, families were invited to experiment, measure , build, weigh, and create at our  STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math night as well as make cards and ornaments at our holiday workshop)


img_4668and I coordinate learning extensions (like bringing in partners in our community such as the Nashville Public Library’s Bringing Books to Life program (read more about it at our center here!) and the Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary special event.

I manage our family lending libraries and coordinate purchasing supplies for teachers so that our classrooms are always stocked with interesting materials for children to explore and use. I serve as the liaison for the United Way in terms of communication and professional development for our Read to Succeed program. And, my favorite part of my role at King’s Daughters is mentoring teachers and engaging with our families.

What are some of your favorite things that you’ve seen teachers do with the children?  I love that KDCDC has such a creative learning environment! The children are able to explore, create, get messy and learn through those processes. There are SO MANY things that I see every day that I love in our classrooms – it is hard to choose just one. All of the teachers give unique experiences to the children. A few things that come to mind recently… the children built a train village with paper towel tubes and also a huge castle with a moat and drawstring bridge. I love that the teachers are creative in their sensory areas and also the outside learning.


Family Night Out – We were granted tickets for the ‘Nutcracker” at TPAC from the Nashville Ballet. We had a great turnout-there were about 50 of us!

Why do you love King’s Daughters?  The KDCDC community is one of always learning and growing. We are always being challenged to learn something new and be aware of the latest research and strategies. The center is always finding ways to help and bless the children, family and staff.

When is your favorite time of day at the center?  About 9:30. By then all of the children are there, breakfast has been served and cleared away, and the action—the magic—really begins.

*King’s Daughters Child Development Center is a proud partner agency of United Way of Metropolitan Nashville through our Read to Succeed program, which we provide in concert with our Reggio Emilia (project-based, child driven)-inspired learning environment. You can learn more about the program here!  


Meet Our Team: Ms. Amy

amy-dinosaur-songMeet Ms. Amy in the Researchers I (3 and 4 year old) room!

How long have you worked at King’s Daughters? A little over 6 years

Have you always worked with 3 and 4 year olds? No, I started with older kids, but I love the three and four year olds. They’re so curious! At first I was a little intimidated by them – they are so hands on – but everything is new to them. They’re so curious and there is so much joy in their learning.

What is one of your favorite moments from working with the children? Last year we had a a child who was so quiet and difficult to understand. It was amazing to work with her over the year – she blossomed into being happy and helpful and a true leader in our classroom. She would model for others all the time. It was wonderful to see her growth and development.

Why do you like working for King’s Daughters? I love the mission and our families and these kids. We’re working to educate, but we’re also providing community and refuge and safety. So many come with a story and life has hasn’t always been fair – I think it’s great to be a part of a place where people care and the children know they’ll be taken care of.

What is your favorite part of the day? Centers in the morning. The children get so into their play. It’s amazing to help them learn about the world. (Pictures from Center time below!)





Sneak peek inside the LOCC

We’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek into our new facility – the Louise Odom Children’s Center. Located next to our founding building, this new space will serve infants, toddlers, and elementary school aged children. Thank you for your generous support!

P.S. We’re always happy to accept donations to support our programs, but we’re especially excited to accept them today (May 3rd) during the community-wide 24-hour giving event, The Big Payback. Help us win cash prizes by donating here:!

Sweet success story

We just got the sweetest picture from Ali, one of our King’s Daughters graduates. She started with us when she was three and spoke no English. She is now in Kindergarten – where she’s on the Honor Roll and boasted Perfect Attendance this year! We are so proud of Ali and her family.

ali honor roll

Louise Odom Children’s Center – Construction Update – Feb 2016

We are thrilled that the end is in sight for the construction of our sister facility, the Louise Odom Children’s Center, which will house our new infant/toddler childcare program. We are so grateful to our supporters, friends, and the many construction specialists who have been a part of growing this building in front of our eyes.

The outside of the building is almost complete – the roof has been shingled, windows and doors have been installed, and the final bricks of the exterior walls should be laid by the end of the month. Inside, we have roughed in the plumbing and wiring and watched studs be erected to form the outlines of our future classrooms. Just this week we installed dry wall, making the rooms we’ve envisioned and planned for come to life.

foremenAs the building crew wraps up (currently anticipating a final completion of construction on Feb 28!), we have been busy preparing for outfitting the rooms and staffing the program to welcome out first infants and toddlers this spring. We have purchased technology for our new staff through a grant from the Frist Foundation and we have acquired many pieces of furniture and materials (currently stored in our POD) and I have been in contact with suppliers for the rest of the furnishings for these rooms. We posted several job listings and will begin interviews the week of January 25th. We are so excited to expand our King’s Daughers community with experienced teachers eager to form loving bonds with our young charges that will impact the rest of their lives! We already have a waiting list for our classrooms with families eager to take advantage of what we know will be an excellent program.

We will host a Grand Opening for our funders, families, and friends in the coming months once we have a firm date set. We invite you to share in our joy and excitement as we expand our services to provide care for our community’s most vulnerable families and youngest, precious children.