Special Glimpse: The Toddler Room

Building blocks with Ms. Melinda!

We’ve been overjoyed to welcome toddlers along with our infants this year at King’s Daughters. Families have loved the program as well – so much so that our wait list has stayed full since we opened!

Our toddler program is all about discovery – investigating the world and interacting with others. We follow our children’s lead and interests while helping make sure they meet developmentally appropriate physical, social/emotional, cognitive, language, and milestones.

When scrolling through the pictures, it’s no surprise that our toddlers love their classroom, and their teachers (Ms. Melinda and Ms. Lynn), and their incredible outdoor space!

Childsize, wooden furniture is inviting and warm.
Baby dolls!
Taking baby for a walk.
sneak peek toddler april 2016
A space just my size, just for me!


Outdoor exploration and play is essential!

We are participating in a local fundraising tournament to raise funds to open a second toddler room to serve more families with toddlers in our community!  You can make donations during the tournament at www.kdcdc.org or https://nashville.bfg.org/bracket!


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