We need your help! Brackets for Good starts Feb 24

Nashville has a new fundraising tournament in town… and we’re competing in it! Brackets for Good starts on Feb 24 and it’s set up like the college basketball tournaments. For the first round, we’re up against another local non-profit organization. We have to raise more money than them by 8:00p on Friday, Mar 3 to move on to the next round!


From Brackets for Good: The tournament begins with 64 charities, each paired in a competitive match-up against an opponent. Charities advance through the rounds by rallying enthusiastic donors to scoring more points than their opponent. Every $1 donated through https://bfg.org/ equals 1 point scored for the chosen charity. At the end of each round, the nonprofit with the most points in the individual match-up advances to the next round, the points are reset, and the fundraising continues until a champion is crowned.

At King’s Daughters, we’re busy putting together our donation page ‘Stats Sheet’ on the official tournament site (link below). All funds raised through this tournament will go to outfitting our new Toddler Room.  As you know, we opened an infant room and a toddler room in May. The response has been incredible – families in our community really need high quality, affordable childcare for their little ones! Because our toddler waiting list has been full since we opened the new program, we decided to convert the community room in the Louise Odom Children’s Center into a second toddler room – so we are doubling the number of families we can serve from 8 to 16!

We really need to raise at least $8,000 during this fundraiser – these monies raised will replenish the money we are beginning to outlay as we order supplies to get our new toddler room ready to open.

Here’s a link to How to Donate questions through the website. We found out last week that we CAN ACCEPT checks during this fundraiser!  This is excellent news!  If you know of a business or individual that would like to help in this way but can not use a credit card to make an online donation – please let them know we now can accept this form of payment – we will get you the details of how this works.
If you follow this link https://nashville.bfg.org/bracket you can see the brackets and which organization we are paired against in the first round. We will need all hands on deck to get us past this first round!  WE WANT TO GET PAST THE FIRST ROUND!  This will be social media driven so we will depend upon you to spread the word via facebook, twitter, and email!
As always, thank you for your support. More to come – but start the pregame warm up now!

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