Meet Our Team: Ms. Lynn

Meet Ms. Lynnquoyah (she goes by Ms. Lynn) in the Seedlings II (toddler) room!

ms-lynn-holding-handsHow long have you worked at King’s Daughters? Seven months. I started in the infant room for about four months and I’ve been in the toddler room for about 3 months.

Do you have a favorite age to work with? I love the toddlers. They are interesting and do different things every moment of every day. I mean EVERY moment. The babies are fun too though and so sweet.

What is your favorite time of the day at the center? My favorite time of the day is outside time – for me and for the children. I get to run around and be a kid too. We get to exercise and [I get to] show the kids different things we find in nature outside. I get a lot of bonding time with the kids outside.

What are your favorite things about King’s Daughters? At this center it’s different. They really do care for the families and the staff and they really try to do their best for them. They go the extra mile for children with personal issues to help make it easier. They really care. And, I have the option to bring my children here, which I really like.

Tell us about your children! I have a six year old son and a two year old daughter. And I’m expecting in late April! I’m so excited!

What do you do for fun when you’re not at King’s Daughters? I take my kids to the park, I read, and I love to sing. I love to be around family and get outside for a walk.




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