Volunteer Spotlight: Mr. Ben

King’s Daughters is blessed by many people in our community and we’re delighted to shine the spotlight on the work of our volunteers in this series of posts. We are inspired and incredibly honored to have such a compassionate and enthusiastic team of people who support our efforts and the children we serve!

Mr. Ben Middleton has been serving King’s Daughters in a myriad of ways for almost 20 years. He is a constant support of all of our programs and helps out in any way he can.  We’re so grateful for his dedication to ensuring the center is successful and for his love for our children – and the children love the time with him in the early mornings. As Candyee says, “They love their Mr. Ben!”

Ben Middleton.jpg
Mr. Ben Middleto

When did you first start volunteering at King’s Daughters? I started volunteering around July 1997.

How did you first find out about the center? I joined the Kiwanis Club of Madison about in 1997.  One of the community service projects for the Kiwanis Club was reading to children at Amqui Elementary School and King’s Daughters. I was one of a number of the Kiwanis members who signed up to read to children.

What different types of roles have you played at the center? I read to children, serve on the board in a number of roles and currently serving as the Chairperson for “strategic planning”.  I have participated in providing gifts for “staff appreciation day” and helped build the playground under the “KABOOM” project. I support in through financial giving and fund raisers.

What are some of your favorite memories at the center?  I really enjoyed the KABOOM project.  We had such a wonderful time working together on project that made the children so happy. This project required the community, King’s Daughters staff, board and other agencies to work together for a common goal.

locc-libraryBreaking ground on the new facility was most enjoyable, but cutting the ribbon for the opening was even better.  Opening day will be a memory I will never forget because the King’s Daughter and Kiwanis Club of Madison honored my work as a volunteer by naming the “reading room” after me.  Words cannot express how I felt to receive such an honor. I am just so grateful to contribute in any way to make a difference in the lives of children and families. (editor’s note: you can see pictures from the LOCC Ribbon Cutting here!)

Are you originally from Nashville? No, I was born in Boston, MA, but we moved to Tucson AZ when I was 9 years old. I completed my undergrad degree at Oakwood University (Huntsville, AL).  Graduated from Alabama A&M University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

What is your ‘day job’? I am the Chief Operating Officer for Centerstone.  Centerstone is a Community Mental Health agency.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.  My wife of 36 years is Barbara.  She is a Training Manager for an Insurance Co.  We have two adult children Brandon (actor) and Bryce (Air Traffic Controller). I am 58 years of age (59 later this month!) and I enjoy playing guitar, working in the yard, exercising, carpentry and of course reading to children at King’s Daughters.

Mr. Ben reading before the sun rises. What a lovely way for our children to start their day at the center!

What draws you to King’s Daughters? What has made you so committed to our center and our children? I feel it is my obligation to serve and give back to community in some way.  However, never in a million years would I have visualized myself reading to children as a community service. Bringing a smile to a child’s face while reading to them touches me in a way I cannot explain.

It is a joy to be connected to King’s Daughters. Serving children is more than a mission. We are an agency with a love for children.



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