Special Glimpse: The Infant Room

We’re overjoyed to welcome infants to King’s Daughters Child Development Center!


Our infant room in the new Louise Odom Children’s Center is staffed by two caretakers and a third “floater” who comes and helps out as needed. Ms. LaTonya (pictured above), Ms. Jonda, and Ms. Susan (pictured below) develop special bonds with the babies, fostering trust in others and allowing our babies to feel safe and loved while their families are at work or school. We’re especially grateful to our generous supporters, like the Joe C. Davis Foundation, whose financial gifts and grants make our work possible.



Our infant room is equipped with bright, colorful objects for our little friends to examine and hold. Infants achieve the special physical milestones of sitting up, crawling, and pulling to stand during their time in this room… and some even begin walking on their own! It’s such a pleasure to see these little people gain the physical capabilities to explore their surroundings.

standingWe’re so proud and honored to offer an environment full of love and wonder for these precious little ones!




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