LOCC Dedication and Blessing

FullSizeRender (5).jpgWe were honored to have Dr. Sam Jones offer the blessing and dedication at the Louise Odom Children’s Center Ribbon Cutting on May 3. Below is his beautiful prayer (printed with his permission).

Heavenly Father,

We come to you today in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, thanking you for what we are beholding today and asking your special favor as we gather to dedicate this beautiful new facility and recommit ourselves to the task of taking care and nurturing the children of the Madison community. We ask for your kind providence to abide on the Louise Odom Children’s Center and its staff and children this day, and every day forward, as we exist for the children of this community. We come before you today in an act of dedication, an act of consecration, and bring our thankfulness before you.

Kind Sir, we say thank you for placing your will in the minds of those who saw the vision and need of bringing forth such a building and then being the unseen hand amidst us wrought through mortal motive, scheme, and plan to make sure the vision would become a reality. Thank you for touching the hearts of our funders, donors, and investors to give freely and cheerfully to this cause and to the children of Madison.

We ask that this building be used only and ever to serve as a safe, nurturing, loving, joyful place to all those who enter these halls and classrooms, so they may receive your love and care. In the years to come, may our mission forever be entwined with your mission and commandments. May we always adhere to the command of your dear Son who declared in Matthew 19 that we forbid not the children to come to Him.

Bless our Director, Ms. Candyee, Ms. Lee, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Jondra, Ms. Melinda, Ms. Brianna, and Mr. Jeff as well as all of the staff and Board of Directors who work and serve the children of KDCDC/LOCC. May they and we always remember who we care for as well as whose we care for, Your children, the children of Madison.

May this day be one of celebration, of growth and love, and of JOY. May you fill us with a sense of optimism, knowing that you have brought us this far these part 50 years, and surely you will carry us forward another 50 years to new and greater heights.

And in doing so, we ask that if Jesus shall tarry for millennia more, that this children center will always be used for the glory of your Son, and the building for your children, until that day when the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of out Lord and of his Christ, when He shall reign forever and ever.

We offer this payer and give these thanks in the name of He who died for us all, King Jesus, our Savior. AMEN.


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