Louise Odom Children’s Center – Construction Update – Feb 2016

We are thrilled that the end is in sight for the construction of our sister facility, the Louise Odom Children’s Center, which will house our new infant/toddler childcare program. We are so grateful to our supporters, friends, and the many construction specialists who have been a part of growing this building in front of our eyes.

The outside of the building is almost complete – the roof has been shingled, windows and doors have been installed, and the final bricks of the exterior walls should be laid by the end of the month. Inside, we have roughed in the plumbing and wiring and watched studs be erected to form the outlines of our future classrooms. Just this week we installed dry wall, making the rooms we’ve envisioned and planned for come to life.

foremenAs the building crew wraps up (currently anticipating a final completion of construction on Feb 28!), we have been busy preparing for outfitting the rooms and staffing the program to welcome out first infants and toddlers this spring. We have purchased technology for our new staff through a grant from the Frist Foundation and we have acquired many pieces of furniture and materials (currently stored in our POD) and I have been in contact with suppliers for the rest of the furnishings for these rooms. We posted several job listings and will begin interviews the week of January 25th. We are so excited to expand our King’s Daughers community with experienced teachers eager to form loving bonds with our young charges that will impact the rest of their lives! We already have a waiting list for our classrooms with families eager to take advantage of what we know will be an excellent program.

We will host a Grand Opening for our funders, families, and friends in the coming months once we have a firm date set. We invite you to share in our joy and excitement as we expand our services to provide care for our community’s most vulnerable families and youngest, precious children.


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