It’s the Simple Things

Do you recall how a nice warm mug of hot chocolate feels in your hands – the fragrance tempting your taste buds?  Sometimes it is the simple things, the little things that warms our hearts the most.

Right before our center closed for the Christmas break, a group of managers from Freeman Webb properties dropped by with last-minute toys for any parents that might need a gift to put under the tree.  They also had hand packed 55 individual jars of hot chocolate mix, complete with marshmallows on top!  When the children were leaving for the evening, they were able to choose a jar of the hot chocolate mix.  It was a simple gift, it was a little gift, but oh, did it warm their hearts!  Smiles spread across their faces, eyes lit up – “hot chocolate mix for me”?!

A simple cup of hot chocolate
A simple cup of hot chocolate

As we prepare for Christmas morning, it is our hope at KDCDC that you will cherish the “simple things” the “little things”.  Remember the baby that lay in a simple manger – a simple, humble beginning.  Christmas isn’t all about the gifts you will give and receive, the decorations that you will deck your halls with.  It is about the simple gift of love that was given to each of us by a little baby laid in a simple manger.

Blessings to you on this Christmas Eve


A Simple Manger
A Simple Manger

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