Jingle Bell Market Place Patron’s Dinner

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You’re invited to the

Jingle Bell Marketplace Patron’s Dinner

Please join us for an evening of cocktails, dinner, and entertainment to celebrate and support The King’s Daughters Child Development Center!

When: Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 5:30-6:30  Cash Bar and Savory Treats | 6:30  Dinner

Where: Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel | 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville, TN, 37214

Cost: $100.00 which includes two tickets to the Marketplace, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

speakerFeatured Speaker:  Connie Casha

Connie Casha is the Director of Early Childhood Education for the Department of Education, Division of School Readiness and Early Learning

To purchase tickets or find out more information, contact The King’s Daughters Child Development Center: Candyee or Millie 615-865-5164


{repost} Science into practice in Early Childhood Education

science into practice
Image source: http://www.childcareexchange.com/eed/view/3718/

Originally posted ChildCareExchange

Joan Lombardi recommended the Lancet article, “Putting Science into Practice for Early Childhood Development,” for all World Forum Foundation Global Leaders for Young Children.  Here is an excerpt:

“We already know that the brain develops most rapidly in the first few years of a child’s life.  During these critical years, neuroplasticity is at a peak — neurons form new connections at the astounding rate of up to 1,000 per second.  These synaptic connections are the foundation of a child’s physical and mental health, affecting everything from longevity to the lifelong capacity to learn, from the ability to adapt to change to the capacity for resilience.

“…If children fail to get what they need — enough nutrition, nurturing, stimulation and a sense of security — during the most critical years of early childhood, the impact on their lives and futures is enormous.  For example, inadequate nutrition in the early years of childhood can result in stunting, which can cause diminished physical and cognitive development that undermine a child’s ability to learn and earn later in life….”

Read the entire article here!

The ‘Selfie’ Project

selfieThe “selfie project” originated when a new little Jackson came into the classroom for the first time.  John Patrick was standing by the mirror by Jackson and said “It’s two John Patricks!”

Both Jackson and John Patrick have blond hair and fair skin.  Miss Sonya and Miss Alonza took this opportunity to talk about how we all different and wonderful.   The children all enjoyed seeing their own faces in the pictures.  What a great child-led project on self-acceptance and respecting others differences!

All About Sticks

cullens rocket
Cullen’s rocket made of sticks

3Cullen collects bags of sticks for his family. This is activity helps him cope with missing his family. Ms. Alonza was helping him one day collect his bag of sticks and nature items and a friend joined them. Through conversation and discussions about sticks and branches, the group of children became interested in helping Cullen collect more sticks and then some for themselves.

What can we make with sticks? How can do we use sticks? How can you build with sticks?

Conversation and Creation

Cullen said he would make a rocket. Jaley said she would make a windmill and a flower. Lizeth made a stick person and Sydnie made a letter “T”.  Zoe created a house. These creations are displayed in the classroom along with other projects.

The children then decided to make a tower with sticks.  Otis said the structure looked like a beaver’s home!  The story is just beginning.